Calforex Cup #4
Edmonton, Alberta

January 23-24, 2016

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Canmore BMW IBU World Cup

Feb 1-7, 2016

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In accordance with the bylaws of Biathlon Alberta, notice is given for the 2012 Annual General Meeting:


Place: Canmore Nordic Centre Day Lodge


Date/Time: Saturday, September 8, 2012 at 16:00h*

*The Annual General Meeting will be preceded by Biathlon Alberta’s Annual Awards Presentation, commencing at 15:00h in the Day Lodge. Food will be served – all members are invited to attend.


Who can attend the AGM? 

  • All members* of Biathlon Alberta may attend the meeting

Who can vote at the AGM? 

  • Any individual reaching the age of 17 years in 2012 is eligible to vote. Each member-club* of Biathlon Alberta is eligible to cast one vote

* Members of Biathlon Alberta include individuals and clubs who obtained memberships in either the 2011/12 membership year or the 2012/13 membership year. 2011/12 Biathlon Alberta memberships will expire September 10th, 2012. Individual and club memberships will be verified at the meeting.


Who can stand for election?

Any individual member of Biathlon Alberta who is at least 18 years of age as of the meeting date.


Is there a formal nomination process?

Nominations may be accepted either in writing prior to the meeting, or from the floor at the meeting. Please send written nominations to Andy Holmwood.



The following positions are up for election at the 2012 AGM:

President (two-year term)
  • Vice-President, Administration (two-year term)
  • Director, Athlete Development (two-year term)                           
  • Director, Officials’ Development (two-year term)
  • Director, Coaching Development (one-year term)
  • Director, Public Relations and Marketing (one-year term)
  • One Director at Large (one-year term)


Business requiring a Special Resolution: None


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