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January 23-24, 2016

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Feb 1-7, 2016

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ROCKY MOUNTAIN RACERS - Coaching Announcement and Shooting Camps


Rocky Mountain Racers (RMR) is very proud to welcome Biathlon Canada's "Coach of the Year" Pierre Pepin to our coaching staff. Pierre has a very impressive resume over the last 30 years dating back to the Calgary 1988 Olympics. Most recently he was serving as the Quebec Provincial coach and led his athletes to 3 medals at World Youth/Junior Championships.


As part of his responsibilities with RMR, Pierre will be leading shooting camps. These will be located in Canmore and will take place over periods of 7-10 days. They will progress from Precision Shooting (July 6 - 17) to Active Combo training (Aug 3 – 12) and will end with Competition Preparation (Oct 6 - 13). The Camps are designed to be done in order to ensure maximum benefit for each stage: the precision shooting camp is largely "shooting only" twice a day; active combo training will include rollerski and running combo twice a day, and; competition preparation will include running and rollerski with some intensity training; twice a day.


Costs will be $500 per camp, which includes all coaching costs. If an athlete signs up for all the camps there will be a reduction in price to $1250. Athletes are responsible for their own accommodation, transportation and incidental training costs. (We will be able to suggest and organize accommodations.) Everything in Canmore is very accessible to the Nordic Center so athletes will need nothing more than a back pack and running shoes or a bicycle to access the Nordic center. There are options to include athlete physiological and strength training as well as assessments and recommendations at each camp. These would follow normal RMR protocols. Athletes’ coaches are welcome and encouraged to attend, and arrangements can be discussed.


Athletes must be a registered member of a Biathlon club as well as Biathlon Canada.


If the dates listed do not work for certain individuals we may be able to accommodate individual situations.


Please contact John Jaques directly via email or cell 403-678-8373 for more information.



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